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Attention Apartment Property Managers!
Valet Trash Service is Your Answer

Trash Valet is a full-service trash collection amenity provided by Smith Brothers that collects and removes the trash from the doorsteps of residents of multi-family communities such as apartments and condominium and places all trash and recycling into dumpsters onsite! Talk about helpful!

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Loved By Residents & Property Managers Alike

Resident Benefits

No Taking Out the Trash

Saves Time

Helpful for Older Residents

No Inclement Weather to Deal With

No Depending on a Roommate

No Messy Trip to the Dumpster

Community Benefits

Maintains a Clean Property
Prevents Accidents/Injuries at Dumpster
Convenient for Residents
Provides Ancillary Income
Keeps Common Areas Clean
Alleviates Grounds-Crew Responsibility

Why Smith Brothers Valet Trash?

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How Does Valet Trash Work?


Step One

All bags are placed in provided trash receptacles. All trash must be securely tied for collection. No loose items. Bags must hold contents securely during transport, without ripping or leaking.


Step Two

Place the container, containing your securely tied trash bag, outside your front door during the two-hour time window before your collection begins.


Step Three

Simply return your trash can to your apartment by 9am until the next collection time. Voila!


All of Southeastern Wisconsin




Valet Trash

We are your solution for trash!

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