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Areas We Provide Junk Removal, Clean-Outs, and Demolition

Smith Brothers Junk Removal is your #1 Southeastern Wisconsin junk removal company that will remove all types of junk including furniture, garbage, mattresses, pool tables, hot tubs, demolition cleanup, appliances, and more as if it was never there in the first place for both homes and businesses. We are on time, quick, efficient, safe, and reliable. Our team of junk removal professionals are trained to properly remove any type of junk without damaging your property.


Below are all the areas that we service throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. We offer full junk removal, clean-out, and demolition services for the following counties: Ozaukee, Waukesha, Milwaukee, Jefferson, Walworth, Racine, Dane and Kenosha. If you are located just outside of these service areas, please send us an email and we can hopefully accommodate you and get you scheduled for a trash pickup.

We love helping people live a better life with less clutter. That is why we enjoy the art of junk removal. A cleaner space can help you physically and mentally. Don’t let time pass by, increasing the chances of damaging your home or physical health. Let the experts at Smith Brothers Junk Removal handle the dirty work, giving you more time to enjoy your life and attend to the things that matter more.

Smith Brothers Junk Removal - Service Areas Map.png
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