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Beneath The Surface - Hoarding

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Smith Brothers Junk Removal can assist with hoarding

Each person has different quirks within their personality. Oftentimes, these combinations are beautiful because out of all the people around us, not one of us is the same. Sometimes these quirks can start to turn into habits that end up being beneficial to the individual and those around them. For example, if someone tends to be more organized than the average person, that person's organization quirk can turn into a habit. The habit may form where that person does an excellent job of keeping their possessions well ordered and accessible, which not only makes their lives easier but could also make their family members, friends, and co-workers' lives easier in the process. This could happen when that individual learns how to serve other people with their positive and mastered habits, and in this case, maybe others in this individual's life become more organized because of how organized this individual is. In the same way, other quirks can sometimes become habits that negatively impact the individual and those around them, and we see this play out when someone becomes what is commonly referred to as a hoarder.

Let’s not be mistaken, some people are quirky in how they like to retain items that represent something being sentimental or having perceived value. We don’t want to associate hoarding as always being negative. But like anything else, too much of something isn't good, while moderation can be safe and harmless. Some examples of this could be keeping older dishes and silverware for different occasions, or saving a rug to be repurposed somewhere else, or keeping your old bike because it brings back memories of the amazing adventures you took it on. Examples like this could certainly be positive. But when we talk about hoarding in this sense, we are referring to a personality quirk that has turned into habits that do not serve the individual or the people around them. In some extreme cases, these quirks can turn into habits that damage the individual or the people around them, or worse, putting them or others in danger. This is where we have to be a little more careful, and managing someone who has slipped into this hoarding habit or lifestyle requires understanding, compassion, and support.

Smith Brothers Junk Removal can assist with hoarding projects

When people start to develop habits, whether positive or negative, they begin associating these patterns and outcomes as a lifestyle, which eventually becomes a part of who they are. Whenever someone has come to this self actualization, it is very difficult for another to tell them otherwise. Let's apply this to our conversation about hoarding. If a hoarder is confronted by someone about their habits, pattern, and lifestyle of hoarding, the hoarder could end up feeling negatively about the person they are being confronted by. They feel this way because they perceive the person confronting them as not trying to make a suggestion to help them, but instead, attacking how they identify as a person. It’s unfortunate whenever this happens in any comparable situation, but hoarding really isn’t any different. In fact, hoarding is mentioned by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as its own mental disorder.

Smith Brother’s Junk Removal wants you to know that we do not take hoarding situations lightly. We understand that when you know someone suffering from this, it takes a lot of patience and compassion to help that individual. Some worthwhile ideas when discussing a situation with a hoarder is to make sure they know what you are discussing with them is confidential. Trust always goes a long way when it comes to influencing someone with hoarding. Do what you can to bring up their safety and the safety of those around them, and be respectful. Remember, these hoarded items, their placement, and everything contributing to the hoarding situation means something to the hoarder. So, being supportive and patiently trying to influence them towards healthy and productive ways to manage the situation is the right way to go.

Whenever you or the person you are supporting is ready, Smith Brother’s Junk Removal is here as your professional hoarding removal service. We can clear out hoarded materials, ensure proper disposal, and even salvage some of the items or possessions that you and the hoarder have agreed upon keeping.

If you are in need of hoarding services in Southeastern Wisconsin, including Ozaukee, Dane, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine, and Kenosha counties, Smith Brothers Junk Removal is here to help!

Give us a call at (262) 613 - 7596 to schedule today!
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