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Junk Removal Service in Waukesha County

Junk Removal in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Good news! If you live in Waukesha County and have junk that needs to be taken away from your home or business, Smith Brothers Junk Removal is one call away. Our team of junk removal professionals can handle complete junk pick up from start to finish, including cleanups. If you have anything from a few items to a great amount, you can count on us. No matter the amount or size of your junk, when you hire Smith Brothers Junk Removal, all your junk will be removed from your property, business, or construction site. When it comes to junk removal, we are fast, efficient, and most importantly, safe. Our experts are trained to properly lift and carry heavy items. If you want your junk removed in a timely fashion, contact the experts at Smith Brothers Junk Removal.


Whether you need junk removed from your home, such as appliances, pool tables, fridges, carpet, couches, cars, construction debris, furniture, or carpet, Smith Brothers handles it all. View our list of other common items that can be removed from your home on our services page. Contact us for any questions on certain items you may not be sure about. We take appointments for residential and commercial locations. If you are within our servicing counties, your junk will proudly be removed by the experts at Smith Brothers.


Lose the stress of having old junk and trash just piling up collecting dust and cobwebs. The mess doesn’t scare us away. We will remove any junk and trash no matter the condition of your junk or the area your junk is in. After we have finished, you will have a much open, cleaner space to utilize.


For all your junk removal, trash hauling, and recycling, contact Smith Brothers Junk Removal, a reliable junk removing company. We service areas in Ozaukee, Jefferson, Waukesha, Milwaukee, Walworth, Racine, Dane, Kenosha County, and potential nearby areas. Within Waukesha County, we service Pewaukee, Muskego, Elm Grove, Brookfield, Butler, Sussex, Mukwonago, New Berlin, West Allis, Menomonee Falls, and more. Our junk removal team is quick, efficient, safe, and reliable. So, no need to worry about Smith Brothers getting the job done. Not only will all your junk be removed, but the space  where it was will look as if your junk was never there. Contact us today to schedule your next junk removal date.

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