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Smith Brothers Junk Removal - Commercial Demolition 

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Commercial demolition is highly monitored and complex, requiring an experienced and professional contractor to properly execute the operation.  Circumstances that call for a commercial demolition would include plans revolving around new builds or expansion on foundations of vacant buildings.


Examples of buildings subject to demolishing would be old hospitals, restaurants, vacant malls, office spaces, or hotels. There are a few types of commercial demolitions that depend upon the scope of the project. Examples of selective demolition, which is demolishing only a portion of a structure. Another example would be total demolition, which would involve the complete removal of the entire building. And last, would be deconstruction, which is slightly different in that it involves the strategic dismantling of materials and preserving them for later use. 

It is vitally important to find a contractor that is compliant with the regulations and training necessary to perform a commercial demolition. When you hire Smith Bros Junk Removal for your project, you can be assured that we will provide: 


  • Certifications and Training needed to execute the commercial demolition

  • Demolition Project Experience

  • Proper safety protocols for demolition projects, including asbestos checks and building quarantine to ensure the safety of surrounding areas

  • Environmental Stewardship with proper disposal and recycling of materials

  • Properly insured commercial demolition projects

  • Proper Equipment to perform commercial demolition

As always, Smith Bros Junk Removal will work within a project scope and protect surrounding areas from damage. We also offer construction clean up once projects have been completed. 

Remember, there isn’t a project that is too big, or too small for our crew within Ozaukee, Dane, Jefferson, Waukesha, Milwaukee, Walworth, Racine, and Kenosha counties in southern Wisconsin. We strive to provide well planned and efficient commercial demolition services for any size project! 

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If you need a Commercial Demolition for your home or business, call us at (262) 613 - 7596 to schedule today!
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