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Reasons to Donate Through Junk Removal Service

When cleaning your home, yard, garage, shed, or business, there are two ways you can dispose of your junk. You can throw it away or donate it through a junk removal service. Below are some reasons why you should pick the latter option. At Smith Brothers Junk Removal, we donate to local non-profits, shelters, and churches.


It’s quick:

As someone else will be coming and picking up your junk or trash, it will save you time as you won't have to manually haul and dispose the junk yourself.


It can save you time:

Donating your junk via a junk removal service saves you time, as you won’t have to dispose of it yourself. This means you can get back to more important matters, and your productivity can go up as well.


Helping others:

It’s always rewarding to give back to your community, and donating your junk is one way to do just that. It allows you to both clean your home and help others at the same time. With any luck, you can inspire others to do likewise.



When collected, most junk removal services will sort through your junk to see what can be reused, recycled and repurposed. This will cut down on landfill waste, and help the environment.


Here at Smith Brothers Junk Removal, we are happy to serve the junk removal needs of Waukesha, Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Dane County, and Ozaukee. Schedule an appointment now for your home or business's junk removal! We dispose of mattresses, yard waste, appliances, trash pickup, furniture, and more.

Woman holding a box of clothes for donation
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