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Giving the Community a Smile with Free Pumpkins

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

''To see the smiling and happy faces of the kids was incredible,'' said Tevin Smith, owner of Smith Brothers Junk Removal.

On Halloween weekend, Smith Brothers Junk Removal decided to celebrate the holiday by putting their focus on the community. The Greenfield Trick or Trot Walk/Run was blessed through the giveaway of 700 free pumpkins by Smith Brother's Junk Removal!

This creative way to promote the brand not not only made the children happy, but also parents. Pumpkins are one of the major seasonal items associated with Halloween. But based on community feedback, they have been getting expensive! Families all through out Greenfield felt that between all the trick or treat candy and the free pumpkins, their Halloween weekend got a bit sweeter.

The community is at the heart of Smith Brothers Junk Removal. The organization plans to participate in more events in the future, and has other creative aspirations for impacting the community. Tevin's team and his big faith will certainly be making an impact on the community with their future plans!

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