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The Season of Giving

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Smith Brothers Junk Removal is doing far more than just clearing out junk during this holiday season. If anything else, this time of year should cause for us all to reflect on what we have and be grateful for this magical gift we have called life. Smith Brothers Junk Removal understands how important it is to give to the community, and we're using the time to do just that.

Smith Bros Gives Toys Away During Christmas

Toy, Books, and Trinkets

Smith Bros Junk Removal Team Packaging Toys During Christmas

Many of us are blessed on Christmas morning to wake up and find presents underneath the tree. It's important to know that isn't the case for everyone. Smith Brother's knows this and wants to do all they can for the kids who aren't as fortunate as some to get to have that experience. That's why they have partnered with the following organizations who will be giving BOXES of toys, books, and trinkets to kids this Christmas.

Generous Donations By Smith Bros Junk Removal

Organizations Smith Brothers Junk Removal Donated Toys, Books and Trinkets to:

The Next Door Foundation

United Community Center

Greater Hill Church Mason Temple Church Bethel Temple Living Waters Church Milwaukee College Prep Chrystal's Creative Minds Day Care A Better Living Family Services Ambitious Minds Learning Center Christ Temple Church Holy Cathedral Church Greater Mt Sinai

Life is a Gift

We all get busy at this time of year. Whether its with business, Christmas shopping, or preparing to get together with family, there seems to be more to do than there is time. May that be our reminder that there is always more to give. As a company that offers residential and commercial junk removal services, we want our first priority to be giving rather than taking, and we back that up with our investment into the community. From everyone at Smith Brothers, we wish you all a Merry Christmas in 2022!

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