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Tips For A Cleaner Home from Smith Brothers Junk Removal

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Home cleaning Smith Bros Junk

Free yourself from Unwanted Clutter:

After years of accumulating different décor, clothing, kitchenware, etc., those items seem to continuously pile up. They may start wearing down, your style and interests may change, or you simply have no room for newer items that you received as gifts. Those items may end up being stored away or squeezed in, leaving you with no room to function around your home. That is why our team at Smith Brothers Junk Removal has developed a guide to helping you get rid of any unwanted and unnecessary furniture, kitchenware, décor, clothing, etc. from your home.

It all starts with you admitting that you have a clutter problem. You are already taking the first steps in searching for solutions to help declutter your home. Here at Smith Brothers Junk Removal, we are experts in seeing all types of junk being tossed out from homes in Waukesha, Milwaukee, and Ozaukee, Wisconsin. With our experience, we want to help you remove any unwanted items from your home to free up space and enjoy your home the way you are intended to. Decluttering your home is definitely easier said than done, but we are here to help you make the right decision and clear your home from any unwanted junk.

So, where do you start? You already admitted to having a clutter problem and that you are in desperate need of a solution. Phase one complete. Phase two is all about the vision. With every problem, there is a solution. Just like with every uphill, there is a downhill. It is important to stay positive and envision the clean home you desire and deserve. At first you may be thinking, "wow, there is no way I can do this," or, "there is just way too much junk and way too little time." False. Not even Rome was built in a day. It is vital to stay positive and envision what your home WILL look like. As you start the cleaning process, you’ll start to see the changes from a cluttered home to a decluttered home.

“The List”:

Now that you are in the right mental place and thinking positively, it is time to make The List! The best, efficient way to make this home junk removal list is by have a main category and subcategory. Your main category will consist of general areas within your residential home, for example: Kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. While your subcategory will consist of specific areas/items within your main category, for example, in your kitchen: pantry, fridge, drawers, etc. First, write down the areas that you would like to have decluttered starting with the biggest challenge to the smallest. We recommend starting with the hardest challenge while you’re in the right mindset and working your way down to easier challenges. Therefore, when you get to the bottom of your list you, are not too burnt out to finish.

Remember, the goal is to remove any unwanted and unnecessary junk from your home. So, when creating your list, it is important to pick the areas that you would like to declutter and get rid of. But, how do you decide on what to get rid of? There are three very important questions to ask yourself when deciding what is junk and what needs to stay:

1. What does this do for me that nothing else does?

Think about the purpose of the item and if it's a necessity to your life. If its purpose does not help make your life easier, toss it.

2. Do I own anything else that can replace this?

Most homes have more than one of an item, examples: scissors, coffee mugs, tools, the list goes on. Think about how many of those items you need, which are the best/favorite, and limit the quantity of that item.

3. Does this have sentimental meaning to me?

Things with sentimental value can be a touchy subject when deciding what is junk or not. It can be hard getting rid of things that remind you of a special someone or moment. Take your time when deciding what to do with it, but also ponder whether it is doing more “harm” than good in your home. If it is stored away collecting dust and not really being used of displayed, odds are that it may be time to let go.

This process won’t be easy, but you will be relieved and proud of yourself for getting the job done. Decluttering your home is not a sprint, either. It is okay to take your time and work on a room or project one at a time. Think of it as a marathon, go the pace that you are comfortable with and focus on each mile, project, as its own race.

Remember the steps, admitting there is a junk removal problem that requires a solution, envision how you want your home to look like and stay positive, create your list of areas and projects, start hardest to easiest, and go your pace while being efficient.

You can contact Smith Brothers Junk Removal to remove this junk from your home or business. No challenge is too big or too small for our junk removal team.

We cover areas in Waukesha, Milwaukee, and Ozaukee, Wisconsin. If you are in search of a fast, efficient, cost-effective junk removal team, contact Smith Brothers Junk Removal for all your junk needs.

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